Aamir Manzoor: Kashmiri youth who started Islamic radio station to promote ‘Halal’ entertainment

By Raqib Hameed Naik, TwoCircles.net

Srinagar: For Muhammad Aamir Manzoor, a 26-year-old from Srinagar, youths in Kashmir are deflecting from the path of Islam and getting more attracted to activities which are ‘sinful’ according to the teaching of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)and ‘Holy Quran’. To address this situation, Aamir decided to take an old but familiar route to educating youth: radio.

Seeing the influence and the common use of frequency modulation (FM) stations by people, particularly by the youths of the valley, Aamir decided to take a similar initiate. Doing his Masters in Islamic Studies at Kashmir University, he discussed starting an Islamic radio station, which will serve ‘Halal entertainment’ in the Valley with his friends and well wishers.

“The idea of radio station came to my mind because of the way people talked of the degeneration of youth in Kashmir, without doing anything about it. So I felt a dire need of starting something that could connect the youth with the Islamic teachings, apart from the halal entertainment, ” said Aamir Manzoor from Srinagar District of Kashmir.

To his surprise, the idea was welcomed by his friends and family who gave him the go ahead for his plans and also contributed through funds. The remaining cash came from Aamir’s pocket, which was all his savings. The radio station named Saut-ul-Islam was inaugurated  in July, 2016 but was put on hold till December, due to the unrest following death of militant leader, Burhan Wani.

The radio station which is first of its kind in Kashmir, went live last December, with a video of famous vocalist Zubair Salafi singing a Nasheed in the studio of radio station and the broadcasting is currently on testing mode. The station was successfully launched a week ago. To ensure that the radio station runs smoothly 24 hours a day, Aamir has hired professional staff including editors, RJs for his station.

Apart from Halal entertainment, Saut-ul-Islam is intending to discuss and debate current issues like unemployment, late marriage, second marriage, and widow remarriage on its station. Also, social issues like dowry, suicide and other would be discussed so that the listeners get an understanding on these issues from an Islamic perspective. The radio station also plans to provide a platform to talented Kashmiri youth who may not get space in the mainstream media.

“Other programs like Dars e Quran, Dars e Hadith, Alim online will also help to educate youth and common people about Islamic teachings Insha Allah. Health issues will also be discussed. Moreover, it will be a common platform for all the schools of thought,” says Aamir.

The significant part of the radio station is that it will work internationally as website and an android application and an ISO application has been developed in order to reach people in every corner of the world.

“We are trying to get the frequency for the same. Also we want to launch it worldwide in different languages especially Kashmiri, Urdu, English, Arabic, so as to make it easy for different people around the world to understand,” Aamir adds.

When asked about his future plans, he said, “In future we intend to start an Islamic TV station and hopefully a gynecology hospital as well in the valley.”

Apart from Radio Saut-ul-Islam, Aamir is also the founder and the president of Islamic Fraternity (Kashmir), Editor-in-Chief of The Islamic Revival (Magazine), Chairman of Centre for Humanitarian Aid, Islamic Global School/Rawzat ul Atfaal Pre-School both in Srinagar. He used to deliver regular Friday sermons at different masjids of Kashmir.