Editor of a BJP magazine gets trolled and abused online by Bhakts for keeping Roza

By TwoCircles.net Staff Reporter

Sanjeev Sinha, the assistant editor of ‘Kamal Sandesh’ a bimonthly magazine published by Bharatiya Janata Party, would have never thought that he would be trolled by his own people.However, when he announced that he wanted to keep Roza during this month of Ramzan, he had no idea that Bhakts would turn on one of their own.

Sanjeev Sinha

On May 28, Sinha wrote on his Facebook wall, “Ramzan is starting from today. Our Muslim brothers fast during this time. I too have decided to keep roza for 30 days.” In rest of the post, he counted about Urdu poets, Sufi saints and resistance in Indian Muslims against terror groups such as ISIS. And then Sanjeev claimed that the more both the communities come together, more the peace and love will prosper.

But this announcement by a BJP-funded journalist did not go well with the regular supporters or ‘Bhakts’ of BJP and they started trolling Sanjeev immediately.

One user, Saurabh Karn, commented: It is shameful for a RSS man to keep roza. Another user Vishwajeet Singh asked Sanjeev if his ancestors were Muslims. He also suggested Sanjeev to get circumcised to celebrate his ‘Secularism’ even more.

Moreover people even asked Sanjeev to marry his sister or daughter in a Muslim family. BJP supporters also asked Sanjeev that will Muslims will fast during Navratri or let us play with them during Holi.

Soon, Sinha had to write another post to defend his actions and so he wrote about how many Muslim poets and musicians have kept Hindu figures in center of their creative journey. He cited Raskhan, Nazeer Akbarabadi, Abdul Rahim Khankhana, Shayad Hasrat Mohani and many others that how much these artists were generous when they sang or wrote in favour of Krishna or other Hindu figures.

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This post too caught some attention of trollers and they claimed that today’s world Muslims don’t think about these facts. Some of them defied these facts, saying it as non-relevant in present time.

And in the recent action to his defense, Sanjeev wrote a post on BBC Hindi in which he claimed to have bowed after Nizamuddin Auliya when he was taking his pregnant wife for check up.

Few days back, Sanjeev jumped to fame for organizing a seminar in Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC). The seminar became controversial after the organizers invited Ex-DGP of Chhattisgarh SRP Kalluri to talk on Media and organized a ‘Yagna’, which caused problems to IIMC alumni.

After this incident, Sanjeev openly trolled the IIMC alumni and those who opposed the Kalluri’s presence, and dared to organize the same again in several institutes of Indian government. One could say that Sanjeev is only getting a taste of his own medicine.