Hyderabad-based rights group seeks justice for Makkah Masjid Blast victims

By TwoCircles.net, Staff Reporter

Hyderabad: Hyderabad-based human rights organisation, Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee has expressed grave concern over the delay in providing justice to the victims of police firing following the Makkah Masjid bomb blast in Hyderabad.

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Makkah Masjid blast completed ten years on May 18th, 2017.

After the RSS-backed government came into power, says CLMC,  the investigative agencies have given clean chit to the Hindutva ‘terrorists’ who were in jail under the charges of bomb blasts.

“It is very alarming that the investigative agencies itself is submitting appeals in the courts for the discharge of Hindutva terrorists to release them and the courts are admitting such appeals and passing favorable orders. It is nothing but mockery of justice,” said CLMC in a press statement.

The group said that investigative agencies of central government are not serious and sincere about investigation of the incident and have lost interest to bring criminals involved to justice.

“The way which these investigative agencies are working clearly reflects that they are working under the pressure of Hindutva government where in it has now become the official policy of the government to go soft on the Hindutva terrorists,” reads CLMC statement.

On May 18 2007, during the time of the Friday prayers, bombs exploded bombs in the historical Makkah Masjid, where ten thousand people were offering Friday prayers. 11 people were killed and more than 100 injured.

“Immediately after the blasts, police opened indiscriminate firing on the people those who were helping the bomb blast victims and on those who had come to search for their relatives,” reads the statement.

“After the arrest of Swami Assemanand and his confessional statement in the court of law, it was proved that the Hindutva terrorists were targeting Muslims and the atmosphere was created in such a manner that the blame of carrying out bomb blasts falls on Muslims instead of the Hindutva terrorists. It is very unfortunate that the local media played an ugly role in demonizing Muslim community,” the release said.

The committee has observed that after the coming of Narendra Modi into power at the centre, the attitude of NIA has changed completely.

“The investigative agency is not serious and sincere in investigating the case, during the court trial the witnesses are turning hostile, the prosecution is not professionally contesting the bails seriously due to which the accused are getting bail easily and now it seems that all the Hindutva terrorists would be acquitted very soon due to soft corner of prosecution. The Prosecution has till now failed to established witnesses testimony in the court and now there is a genuine concern looming large over the possibility of NIA consciously sidelining crucial material evidence during the trail to facilitate the acquittals of Hindutva terrorist and if this current state of affairs continues then citizens will lose confidence from the investigating agencies and judiciary,” they claimed.

The committee has demanded the government of India to investigate Makkah Masjid bomb blast case in free and fair manner and provide justice.

It is the responsibility of the NIA to take this case seriously as it has taken up other blast cases and conducted trial in fast track court and brought criminals of blast under justice,” the committee added.