Serbia hints at compromise over Kosovo

London, Aug 2 (DPA) Serbian Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremic has said he believes a compromise formula can be found to resolve the demand for independence by the Kosovo Albanian leadership.

He told the British Broadcasting Corp. (BBC) Wednesday that Kosovo could be given “the widest possible autonomy in the world” to meet Albanian independence demands.

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Serbia is even ready to give up certain “sovereign prerogatives”, Jeremic said.

The province of Kosovo, currently part of Serbia, has been governed by the United Nations since the conflict there ended in 1999.

A new round of talks is due to take place between Serbia and the Kosovo Albanian leadership after moves to introduce independence were blocked at the UN Security Council.

Jeremic acknowledged that there was still a large gap between the negotiating positions of Belgrade and of the Kosovo Albanian leadership but he said compromise was possible.

A further round of negotiations is expected to begin shortly with representatives of the United States, Russia and the European Union participating.

“We are prepared to give up a lot of things, but they (the Kosovo Albanians) also need to be prepared to give up something,” said Jeremic.