I forgive the man who blew my leg off: Mahdhani


Thiruvananthapuram : People’s Democratic Party (PDP) chief Abdul Nasser Mahdhani says he knows the man who blew his leg off in a bomb attack 15 years ago and has forgiven him.

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Mahdhani, who was released from jail Thursday after being acquitted of charges of involvement in the 1998 Coimbatore serial bombings, said: “I have pardoned the person for what he did to me.”

Mahdhani had to have his right leg amputated after the Aug 6, 1992, attack.

Mahdhani, then 27 years old, was leaving after his evening prayers at a mosque near Sasthamcotta near Kollam, about 80 km from here, when he was attacked with bombs. The first two bombs hurled at him missed their target, but the third fell on his right leg and exploded, and Mahdhani fell unconscious.

A profusely-bleeding Mahdhani was rushed to the Medical College hospital here, where doctors decided to aputate the leg since he was a chronic diabetic.

“I know the person who threw the bomb at me; he hails from near my place,” an emotional Mahdhani said at his first public speech here after his release Thursday night.

“Do you know that after a few years, he expressed his desire to meet me through a close friend. He was in hiding, fearing that he would be attacked by my well-wishers. I agreed [to meet him], and he came and fell at my [artificial] right leg and pleaded that he wanted to return in order to meet his ailing mother. I agreed instantly.”

“I also called up a senior police officer and told him that no case should be registered against him and I have no complaints against him. I have pardoned him for what he did to me,” said Mahdhani, who is undergoing specialised treatment at a leading hospital here after spending nearly decade in prison.

Rejib Mohammed, personal secretary to Mahdhani, told IANS that the person who had attacked him still lives in Kollam district. “He is doing some job there. The trial of that case is expected to begin soon. Mahdhani’s pardon is certainly going to help him,” said Rejib.