Mt. Arafat ascent plan, fully successful – Saudi official

RIYADH, Dec 18 (KUNA) — Saudi Arabia said Tuesday its plan proved successful in helping millions of pilgrims ascend the Mount of Arafat to observe the central rite of “wukuf (standing) on the mount this year.

An estimated three million pilgrims settled on the mount in peace, tranquility and serenity, Amir of Holy Makkah Area and Chairman of the Central Haj Commission Prince Khalid Al-Faisal Bin-Abdul-Aziz told reporters.

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No traffic accidents, disease outbreak or security irregularities were reported from the area of the Mount of Arafat, he pointed out.
The plan drawn by the Ministry of Interior and other departments concerned with Haj helped the pilgrims ascend the mount in a record time, thanks to the human and technical resources and facilities mobilized by the Saudi authorities to serve the pilgrims, he noted.
Scores of pilgrims started leaving Mena location to ascend the Mount of Arafat as from early Tuesday morning.
On the mount they spend the whole day or part of it in glorifying God and praising his Prophet Mohammad.

On the mount, some 250 meters above sea level, surrounded by mountains on all sides, the Prophet Muhammad gave his last sermon. There, many also believe, Adam and Eve reunited after they were banished by God from Paradise. The Prophet Muhammad ordered that all Muslims must journey there in an orderly and peaceful manner, to assemble by noon.