Cartoon protester convicted of inciting murder in UK


London : A 24-year old demonstrator was found guilty Thursday of inciting murder during last year's protests in the UK against the publication of offensive Danish cartoons about the holy Prophet of Islam Mohammed (PBUH).

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Mizanur Rahman was said to have been filmed during the demonstration outside the Danish Embassy in London in February 2006 calling for British soldiers to be brought back from Iraq in body bags.

Rahman has already been convicted of inciting racial hatred at the protests at a trial last November, when the jury also failed to reach a verdict on the charge of inciting murder.

In January, 27 year old Umran Javed was convicted of soliciting murder and stirring up racial hatred during the protests, when he was filmed shouting: "Bomb, bomb Denmark. Bomb, bomb USA." Other protesters found guilty, include Abdul Saleem was convicted of stirring up racial hatred at a trial in February, and Abdul Muhid, who was said to be the leader of the demonstration, was convicted of two charges of soliciting murder in March.

All three, who have denied the charges, are being remanded in custody and are due to be sentenced on July 18.

The BBC quoted Chief Superintendent Ian Thomas of the Metropolitan Police saying that Britain has a long history of facilitating lawful demonstration, but insisted that these people stepped over that line and broke the law."
The charges came after there was an outcry from some MPs in parliament, calling for the demonstrators to be prosecuted under Britain's terrorism laws.