U.S. doubts Iran’s promise to allow nuclear inspections

By Xinhua

Washington : The United States on Friday voiced its skepticism about Iran’s agreement to allow International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to inspect its heavy water reactor under construction at Arak.

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“My understanding is there is an agreement to discuss having a visit to inspect the reactor, just like there is an agreement to have these discussions on what to do in terms of Iran answering all the outstanding questions that the IAEA had for several years,” State Department spokesman Tom Casey said at a news briefing.

“So you will forgive me for having a healthy degree of skepticism about Iranian intentions here.”

The IAEA, a UN nuclear watchdog, said in a statement on Friday that it has reached an agreement with Iran on Tehran’s clarification of the pending issues concerning its nuclear program.

Iran reportedly agreed to let UN inspectors visit the heavy-water reactor under construction in Arak by the end of July, as part of a series of measures aimed at clearing up questions over Tehran’s nuclear intentions.

Heavy water reactors produce plutonium, an important material for making nuclear weapons. The other major material for making an atom bomb is enriched uranium.

Iran and the IAEA are due to hold a fresh round of talks in Vienna on July 25 and 26.