Iraqi official rejects allegations on Iran’s interference in Iraq’s affairs


Riyadh : Iraqi Prime Minister's Media Affairs Consultant here Friday rejected allegations on any type of Iran's interference in Iraq's internal affairs.

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Abbas al-Yaseri further reiterated in an interview with Saudi daily 'Al Medina', "Accusing the Islamic Republic of Iran of supporting the opponents of the central Iraqi Government and the groups affiliated to Al-Qaeda terrorist organization is not only worthless, but also quite irrational."
The Iraqi officials emphasized, "We have so far encountered no Iranian national who has been in any way related to Al-Qaeda terrorist organization in Iraq, or anywhere else."
The Media Affairs Consultant of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maleki furthermore rejected allegations on involvement of the forces affiliated to Shi'a cleric Moqtada al-Sadr in terrorist, or suicidal attacks in Iraq, reiterating, "The terrorist groups affiliated to Al-Qaeda and Ba'th Party supporters resort to terrorist acts and then through the media that support them, accuse the Sard block of committing the horrendous crimes that they themselves are responsible for them."
He also denied rumors on Iraqi Government's plans for
establishment of an army comprised of only Shi'a groups, reiterating, there are currently many high ranking political and military officials affiliated to Sunni tribes, or parties."
Pointing out that the occupier US Army does not perform its duties regarding safeguarding internal security in Iraq, of the security of Iraqi international borders, al-Yasser reiterated, "In order to safeguard Iraq's independence and territorial integrity, the Central Iraqi Government needs to strengthen the Iraqi National Army and to assume responsibility for country's borders itself."
He meanwhile stressed, "Having made numerous mistakes in the region and interference in various Iraqi cities leading to massacring of thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians, including women and children, the US Government has an undeniable role in fomenting bloody countless crises in our country."