Blind, pregnant mother of nine gets divorce notice


Agra : For 17 years, Agra resident Afroz, who is blind, says she tolerated it all from her husband: insults, physical and mental exploitation and deprivation even as she bore him nine children and became pregnant with the tenth.

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But when her husband Hasan, a resident of Nai ki Mandi in old Agra, filed for divorce, the 40-year-old woman refused to take it lying down.

On Tuesday, Afroz gave a written complaint to the women's cell at the Rakabganj police station after receiving the divorce notice. She is currently at her parent's home in Bodla in the Jagdhihspura area of the city, with her nine kids.

On May 29 she had gone to her parents' house for a regular visit. But soon she got a one-line notice by post announcing Hasan's decision to divorce her. She refused to accept the notice.

Thereafter Hasan sent her Rs.1,500 through a money order with the same message. But she refused to take it yet again.

Station house officer Sarita Singh confirmed that Afroz had complained.

She lost her eyesight as a child and Hasan married her 17 years ago. "Since then I have been going through hell, bearing all, but now things have come to such a pass that I can no longer bear it," she said in her complaint.

Afroz said she would return to her husband's house come what may and demand justice for her kids. Her family members told police that Hasan was planning to marry another woman and wanted to get rid of her.

Afroz said she didn't care for her life anymore, but would do anything to get justice for her kids.