Jordan’s relief assistance enters Gaza through Israel

By Xinhua 

Jerusalem : Ten truckloads of foodstuff, provided by King Abdullah II of Jordan, entered the Gaza Strip on Thursday through Israel, local daily Ha'aretz reported on its website.

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    The shipment, transferred from the Kerem Shalom crossing on the southern Gaza-Israel border, included 30 tons of margarine, 33 tons of lentils, 34 tons of noodles, 20 tons of beans and 15 tons of garbanzo beans, said the report.

    According to the daily, over 400 tons of food and 200,000 liters of fuel were also brought into Gaza from Israel in the day.

    In addition, eight Palestinians in need of medical treatment were transferred to Israeli hospitals, and some 100 dual citizens were evacuated from the Strip.

    Israel halted the transfer of humanitarian aid and shut down the Erez crossing, the sole terminal for personnel passage after Hamas seized full control of the Gaza Strip following days of bloody fighting with the rival Fatah party last week.

    A UN report said on Wednesday that Gaza could start running out of flour, rice, edible oil and other commodities in two to four weeks unless Israel reopens the border crossings.

    The Erez crossing was reopened on Wednesday for foreign citizens and Palestinians in need of medical treatment.

    On Wednesday, a passel of humanitarian aid including food, fuel and medical supplies, was also transferred into the Gaza Strip via different terminals between the coastal area and Israel.