JUH criticize Britain for knight-hood award to Rushdie

By TwoCircles.net staff reporter

New Delhi: Jamiatul Ulema-e- Hind condemned strongly the act to award
Indo British author Salman Rushdie with the title of 'Sir'. The
organization said that Britain has hurt the whole Muslim community by
honoring him with this title.

General Secretary of the organisation Maulana Syed Mahmood Madni said
while talking to UNI that Britain has given this title to a person who has played with the sentiments of all Muslims of the world by
insulting Prophet Mohammad.
Maulana Madni has urged the citizen of Britain to force British
Government to take back this title from Rushdie. Maulana Madni told
that it is insult of title to award Rushdie with it and also the insult of those who have already been awarded with this title in the past.

He has appealed people, who have received this title before, to return
it to the Government and protest against the decision to award Rushdie with the knighthood.

Meanwhile All India Muslim Majlis Mashawarat also condemned the
British action and said that this step of Britain is in opposition to Islam and Prophet Mohammad.

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In a joint statement President of the Mashawarat Maulana Salim Quasmi and General Secretary Ameeduz Zaman stated that Britain is showing its enmity with Islam by giving this title to Rushdie.

Mashawarat has demanded with Indian Government to pass a parliamentary resolution against the knight-hood award to Salman Rushdie.