Hasina demands two mn pounds compensation from BA

By Xinhua

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Dhaka : Former Bangladesh prime minister Sheikh Hasina has demanded compensation to the tune of 2 million pounds from the British Airways (BA) for not issuing her boarding card to return home from London last month.

ATN Bangla television Saturday said a lawyer's notice has been sent to BA claiming the money as compensation for the damage caused by not issuing boarding card to her for flying home.

Sheikh Hasina, 61, went to the US in the middle of March for a private trip to see her American daughter-in-law, her son and her daughter, who live in the US.

The interim government in Bangladesh imposed a restriction on her returning home on April 18, saying if Hasina returned she might jeopardize the stability and peace as she did a few months ago through agitation program.

The government asked all airlines operating flights to Dhaka not to carry Hasina, the daughter of Bangladesh's founder Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. The government also alerted immigration authorities on land and seaports not to allow Hasina to come back home.

Sheikh Hasina had planned to return home on April 23 and she flew in to London from the US by a BA flight.

Since the Bangladeshi government imposed the ban on her homecoming, the British Airways did not issue her boarding card on April 22 for her planned home coming on April 23.

Hasina then asked the international community to create pressure on Bangladeshi interim government to allow her return home and the government lifted the ban on April 25.

Sheikh Hasina, who is now staying in London, is supposed to return home on May 7 by other airlines.