Amar Singh goes underground


New Delhi : With his party leader having conceded defeat in Uttar Pradesh, the always-ready-with-a-quote Samajwadi Party general secretary Amar Singh Friday for once made himself inaccessible.

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Singh, who was seen Thursday afternoon in Parliament Central Hall exchanging pleasantries with his friends Arun Jaitley of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Rajya Sabha MP Rahul Bajaj, gave media the slip as the poll results began trickling early Friday.

His inexplicable disappearance came soon after his scathing attack on the ruling Congress following raids on the companies and residence of his close friend Ashok Chaturvedi, chairman of Uflex (formerly Flex Industries), and Himachal Futuristic Communications Ltd's (HFCL) former director Vinay Maloo on Thursday.

Singh pointed out that the raids were "coercive" methods by the Congress government and put on a brave front saying: "If they want to raid me or Mulayam Singh, they are more than welcome to do that. We are not afraid or apprehensive of the Congress' coercive measures."

Singh chose to lock himself up in his official bungalow, refusing to come out, with his doctor informing the huge crowd of media personnel that he was not keeping well and had been advised rest.

Probably realising that political equations are bound to change with Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) leader Mayawati storming back to power, Singh, his confidants say, may be contemplating his future moves.

Right through the election campaign, Mayawati had vowed to send Mulayam Singh Yadav, Amar Singh and Raja Bhaiyya of Tunda to jail on charges of corruption and criminality if she formed a government.

For a man who has never shied away from the press, come hell or high water, Amar Singh this time around probably wanted his moments of solitude.