Civic Poll in Phulwari on 26th May

By staff reporter

Phulwari (Patna): Phulwari Sharif located on the outskirts of Patna, is likely to witness an interesting fight among contestants in the Phulwari Nagar Parishad election scheduled to be held on 26th May 2007. A large number of women have entered the electoral battle first time.

Phulwari, which has a sizeable Muslim popularion is famous for Khankah
Mujibia founded by Sufi Hazrat Pir Mujibullah Quadri. This Khankah is also called 'Bari Khankah' which houses sacred hairs of Prophet
Mohammed's beard. Annual Urs attracts large number of follower every

Phulwari which had been accorded the status of Nagar Parishad, has altogether 28 wards of which 13 are reserved for women.

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About 129 candidates (including 53 women) filed their nominations to
try their luck in this election from different wards. Three candidates
have already been declared unopposed. This time about 42,197 people
(23,462 male and 18,735 female) will use their franchise to elect their representatives.

Though electioneering is in full swing in all wards, there is no noise
of loudspeakers in anywhere. However male candidates have been going all out to woo voters. On the other hand, women candidates have been
campaigning mainly on developmental issue.

Water crisis, water logging, cleanliness and poor sanitation have been
the old problem of Phulwari Sharif. These civic problems have been the
issues in most of the wards.

Due to fear of defeat in the elections, some candidates have fielded their wives, too, from those wards reserved for women candidates. For
example, Aftab Alam former Chairman who is contesting from ward number 17, has also put his wife in the fray.

Similarly Ex-Vice Chairman Chitranjan Paswan has fielded his wife
Babita Devi from ward number 6.

Voters of the ward number 9 have complained about irregularities in

the preparation of voters' list of their ward.

Although the ward has a population of 1,500, about 2,854 voters figure
in the revised voters' list, they alleged. Voters of the ward numbers 4 and 7 are, however, happy that their booths have shifted to secure
places to ensure they caste their votes freely and fearlessly.

Total 50 polling booths have been set up here for the elections this time.

Phulwari Sharif is also the headquarters of the famous Imarat Sharia,
a socio-religious organization of Muslims of Bihar, Jharhkand and