Castro says he’s recovering


Havana : Ailing Cuban President Fidel Castro broke the silence he had maintained for the past few months about his health to reveal in an article that he suffered several surgeries. He said he now feels better and has gained weight although he does not mention a possible date for a comeback to power.

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"It wasn't just one surgery but several. Initially there was no success and that influenced a long recovery," explained Castro, whose health had been declared a state secret after he delegated powers to his brother Raul almost 10 months ago.

"For many months I depended on catheters," he wrote in a new article, his 10th so far, that the Cuban press published Thursday.

"Today I receive orally everything my recovery requires," Castro said.

Although it is the first time Castro revealed details about his medical care and his recovery process, he has still not said what condition prompted the first surgery.

He neither revealed a date for reappearance in public nor the possibility of his resuming the powers he delegated on July 31, 2006.

He just said right now he is doing "what he has to do" which, according to Castro is "to think and write about subjects of certain importance and transcendence."

"I have a lot of pending material. I don't have time right now for films or photos that require of me cutting my hair, my beard," explained Castro.

The Cuban president was last seen in public on July 26, 2006. The last video that showed him during his recovery was aired by China television on April 21.

"I just tell you all simply that I am better and that I keep a stable weight, about 80 kilograms," added Castro.

Castro began writing his articles called 'Reflections of the Comandante' in March and they are published in the ruling Communist Party's newspapers and read out on radio and television.