Lebanon arrests terrorist mastermind

By Xinhua

Beirut, Lebanese security agents have arrested a terrorist mastermind at a Beirut hotel from whose suite the agents found a list of targets for possible terrorist attacks, Naharnet news website reported.

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Quoting what was said “a reliable source”, the news website reported that the police anti-terrorism officers busted the suspect’s suite Tuesday, arrested him and confiscated at least 10 forged passports for Arab and western countries.

The suspect, who was found out to be national of a Gulf country, was carrying a forged Lebanese identity card that identified his first name as Agop, who has been living in a hotel in Beirut’s Ashrafiyeh district for 10 days, according to the source.

The agents also found from his suite “maps, pictures and lists of names for targets of terror attacks in Lebanon, the Arab world and Europe,” the source added.

Describing the bust was a “major catch,” the source said the agencies got some information about the suspect from Fatah al-Islam terrorists arrested by police in the northern town of Tripoli.

Police have arrested at least 90 people suspected of affiliation with the Fatah al-Islam network based in north Lebanon’s Palestinian Nahr al-Bared refugee camp, where a deadly standoff between the army and the militants has been going on for a week.