Popular Front to campaign for rebuilding Babri Masjid

By Pervez Bari, TwoCircles.net

Bhopal: Popular Front of India, (PFI), which is a federation of the social movements in the South Indian states of Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu will be campaigning for the rebuilding of Babri Masjid during the first week of December which marks the 15th anniversary of the Masjid demolition.

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The activists of the Popular Front affiliates, KFD of Karnataka, NDF of Kerala and MNP of Tamil Nadu will engage in exhibiting posters and distributing pamphlets in the concerned states. Their volunteer squads will pay house visits across these states to convey the message: ‘Lest We Forget Babri Masjid’. Campaign literature including wall posters and pamphlets will be published by Popular Front in five languages: English, Urdu, Kannada, Malayalam and Tamil.

E. Abubacker and E. M. Abdurahman, chairman & general secretary PFI, in a joint statement issued from New Delhi said that on December 6, 1992, the Hindutva fascists have not only destroyed the 463 year old place of worship of Muslims, but with it, the ideals and values upheld by the Indian nation were also shattered. The Government was a helpless spectator, the laws of the constitution mere notional writings on paper and the judiciary proved completely ineffective. The values of secularism and democracy were mocked at by everybody who felt joy on that day. The demolition was the gravest crime against Independent India after the killing of Mahatma Gandhi. It was the day when India had to hang its head in shame before the entire world community.

The statement said that by demolishing a Masjid which was used for worship by Muslims for over 420 years, the Sangh Parivar claimed that they have erased off a stain that had been on India for years. It meant that Muslim were nothing but a stain on the body of independent India.

Thus, they brought to our attention that it was not just the demolition of a Masjid; but a beginning to their intentions to flush Muslims out of India. The attack on Muslims that followed demolition was direct indicator of their aims in this direction, Abubacker and Abdurahman charged.

The duo pointed out that the Mumbai riots during December 1992 – January 1993 were not stopped by the intervention of any government. It halted when the zealots had quenched their thirst for Muslim blood. Ten years later, under the full supervision and sponsorship of the administration, the Muslims of Gujarat became victims of genocide, overtly orchestrated by the Sangh Parivar under the patronage of their Chief Minister, Narendra Modi.

Now, the Muslims are being advised to forget the Babri Masjid issue. But forgetting these historical blemishes would only help the growth of these evil fascist forces, they opined.

Though the main culprits are the Sangh Parivar, none can be spared from its responsibility. The then Prime Minister, the Government of India, the Judiciary, the Army, the media, every political party, every leader, all have to share it. They also failed to learn anything from that eventful day. Fifteen years have passed since then and the immediate assurance to rebuild the mosque has proved to be a blatant lie that has failed to materialize till now. Only rebuilding the Masjid would serve justice and restore the faith of millions of upright citizens of India, Muslims and non-Muslims. This was then made clear by intellectuals, secular leaders, press and public, they recalled.

Now, three investigations are pending on different aspects of the issue. The case filed in 1961 related to ownership of the Masjid and its premises. The case against the razing of the Masjid filed in 1992. Enquiry of the Justice Liberhan’s Commission into the events of the destruction of the Masjid.

All these have been moving at a snail’s pace. Even after 15 years, they have not reached anywhere near conclusion. If at all there was any effort, it was to free Advani, Joshi and Uma Bharti from among the accused, they alleged.

“Our country has witnessed 15 years of betrayal. In fact it is the betrayal of a nation. To ask Muslim to forget the demolition is adding insult to injury. Justice which is delayed so far cannot be further denied. Rebuilding the Babri Masjid at its site of destruction is a right which we cannot give up. Hence, PFI calls upon all the citizens of this country join our campaign for fulfilling the ideals of freedom, justice and security”, the duo appealed . ([email protected])