Pakistan ex-PM Benazir says her party MPs may resign


Islamabad : Former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto Wednesday night said her talks with President Musharraf has stalled and that members of parliament may also resign to protest General Musharraf’s re-election plan.

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Benazir Bhutto, who chaired a senior party leader’s meeting in London to review the fast emerging political situation, warned that the situation is moving to street agitation.

Local TV channels reported that her Peoples Party will make decision on resignations before October 6th, the day set for presidential elections.

A cabinet minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed said Wednesday that the government has agreed to withdraw all corruption cases against Benazir Bhutto, the claim termed as propaganda from the government.

Benazir Bhutto said talks with the government are deadlocked and there has been no progress.

President Musharraf and President Musharraf met in the United Arab Emirates in late July but the two sides have not yet reached at any agreement.

“We want to move towards democracy but it seems General Musharraf does not want it,” Benazir Bhutto said.

Political observers say that the government has not yet accepted demands from Benazir Bhutto which include the removal of a law which bars a person becoming Prime Minister for third time.

Benazir Bhutto has twice served prime minister in 1988 and 1996.

But her two governments were dismissed on corruption charges. She as been living in exile since late 90s.

Benazir Bhutto said that she will end her exile this month and will reach Karachi on October 18.

Pakistan needs political reconciliation but I do not think it will happen now.

“I think the people will now take to the streets,” she said.

She said General Musharraf has not taken any step to maintain balance between the Prime Minister and the President in the future set up.

Benazir Bhutto said that lawlessness and suicide attacks have increased in General Musharraf government, adding there is no guarantee of life and property.

The opposition leader said that extremists are controlling the country.