New Wave of Attacks Shakes Baghdad

Baghdad, Oct 7 (Prensa Latina) A new wave of attacks that left at least ten dead and 18 people wounded shook the Iraqi capital, the police reported.

Security forces cordoned off some of the areas attacked, fearing new violent actions.

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Baghdad governor Hussein Tahan escaped uninjured from an attack against his convoy by armed men, but two of his body guards were wounded.

A vehicle bomb exploded in Salihiya, a neighborhood of Baghdad, and caused the death of three people and wounded five others, according to Iraq”s Voices news agency.

In Al Dura, to the South of Baghdad, three civilians died, and the same number of people was injured by a mine explosion, when a US patrol was passing by, the police announced.

The sources did not specify if the there were casualties among the occupation troops, and the US command has not commented about the incident so far.

Hours before, in Al Baladiyat, to the East, another explosive device placed on microbus left three deaths and six people wounded, police sources reported.

In the protected Green Zone, where the main government buildings and foreign embassies are, a civil was killed and two were wounded, when a car bomb exploded in the surrounding areas of the Iranian embassy, according to official sources.

The combats and thorough search operations against supposed rebel redoubt continue, while the occupation forces suffer more casualties.

Last-minute reports issued by the US command said the number of US dead soldiers has risen to 3,815 and those wounded to around 30,000 since the beginning of the invasion and later occupation of Iraq in March, 2003.