Sheikh-ul-Aalam propagated Prophet’s eternal message: Azad

By News Agency of Kashmir

Srinagar : Describing Sheikh Nooruddin Wali (RA) popularly known as Sheikh-ul-Aalam as the torch bearer of Kashmir who preached and practised the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (SAW), Chief Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad has exhorted the people to follow him in their daily life.

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In a message on the eve of Urs-e-Sheikh-ul-Aalam, the Chief Minister said that Alamdar e Kashmir stood out prominently among the spiritual leaders of Kashmir who taught eternal values of Islam through his poetry. He said the poems of the great saint are a literal translation of the holy Quran and the sayings of the beloved Prophet Muhammad

The Chief Minister underscored the need to spread the message of Sheikh-ul-Aalam to bring about amity, brotherhood, peace and spiritual bliss, particularly at a time when tolerance and moral values have taken a back seat. He said the revered Prophet (SAW) has given a complete code for humanity to follow for success in this world and hereafter and Sheikh-ul- Aalam had propagated this eternal message through his word and deed.

The Chief Minister asked the administration to provide adequate facilities to devotees visiting the holy shrine of Sheikh-ul-Aalam at Chrar-e-Sharief during the Urs days.