Turkey says not to let airspace be used against Syria

By Xinhua

Damascus : Visiting Turkish Foreign Minister Ali Babacan said here on Sunday that his country would not let Israel use its airspace to launch attack against Syria as tension remains high after an air raid by the Jewish state into deep Syria last month.

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“Turkey will not let Turkish territory or airspace be used in any activity that could harm the security or safety of Syria,” Babacan said at a joint press conference with his Syrian counterpart Walid al-Muallem before leaving Damascus.

On Sept. 6, Israeli aircrafts launched an air raid in northern Syria, which also reportedly violated the Turkish airspace.

Babacan said Ankara had no prior knowledge of the raid and he would ask responsible Israeli institutions to provide clarification on this issue during his tour there.

“The region is at a very dangerous and sensitive stage. We always urge all parties to reach solutions through dialogue and peaceful means,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Turkish top diplomat mentioned that he chose Syria as his first destination abroad after assuming duties as foreign minister in August to highlight the importance of maintaining strong bilateral ties with the country.

Describing talks with Syrian officials as “useful and constructive”, Babacan said they focused on bilateral relations and regional issues of common interest.

Babacan arrived here Saturday for a two-day official visit as part of his Middle East tour, which will also lead him to Jordan, Israel and the Palestinian territories.