Day after resignation, Japanese PM hospitalised

Tokyo, Sep 13 (Xinhua) Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was admitted into a Tokyo hospital Thursday noon for functional gastrointestinal disorder, a day after announcing his decision to resign.

Doctors said Abe was “extremely weak” and needs to be hospitalised for at least three to four days, according to a hospital official at a press conference.

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The prime minister went to see doctors at Keio University Hospital after he felt sick. He received a physical check up in the morning.

At a press conference broadcast live, Abe’s doctor said the premier has been suffering from stomach irritations, pain, poor appetite and other duodenum-centred symptoms, for all of which fatigue and stress should be blamed.

The doctor said those symptoms began to bother Abe over a month ago, and the premier has lost about five kg over the past months. He added that the premier’s daily life could be thrown into disorder if the functional problem worsens.

The hospital is planning to concentrate on medicinal rehabilitation in Abe’s case.

Abe went to hospital on the advice of his private doctors, who concluded in recent days that the premier’s fatigue has reached a peak and he should undergo a thorough examination, Kyodo News reported, quoting Chief Cabinet Secretary Kaoru Yosano.

Shortly after Abe’s resignation announcement, Yosano had said the prime minister made the decision based on health reasons. However, Abe himself did not mention any physical problems during Wednesday’s press conference.

Japanese media quoted sources as saying that the premier had stomach problems recently and has even received intravenous fluids in the past week.