Egyptian mediators, Jihad delegation meet on inter-Palestinian dialogue

By Xinhua,

Cairo : Egyptian officials held talks on Monday with a visiting delegation of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad movement on the resumption of an inter-Palestinian reconciliation dialogue.

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The meeting between Egyptian intelligence chief Omar Suleiman and the Jihad delegation led by its Secretary General Ramadan Shallah focused on ways of healing the current rift among Palestinian groups, the Egyptian MENA news agency reported without elaboration.

The meeting on Monday is the start of a series of bilateral talks between Egyptian mediators and Palestinian factions in a bid to hammer out a unified stance among Palestinians to overcome the current inter-Palestinian crisis.

A well-informed source told MENA that Egypt has invited all Palestinian factions for bilateral talks in Cairo, hoping them to shoulder their responsibility and render the dialogue a success.

The Islamic Jihad team, grouping its members from Syria and the Gaza Strip, arrived in Cairo on Sunday and Monday respectively for the talks with Egyptian officials.

A delegation of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP) will arrive in Cairo Wednesday and representatives of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) are expected to arrive on Aug. 31, said MENA.

Following the bilateral meetings, Egypt will then oversee a comprehensive Palestinian dialogue to help the Palestinians get out of the current crisis and rifts among rival movements.

In the past months, Egypt has been trying to broker a Palestinian reconciliation after it succeeded to broker a ceasefire between Israel and the Palestinian Hamas movement which rules Gaza.