Muhammadiyah To Send Medical Team To Palestine

By Bernama,

Jakarta : One of Indonesia’s largest Islamic organizations, Muhammadiyah, plans to help victims of Israeli military attacks in Palestine which have so far killed more than 300 people and injured a thousand others, Antara news agency reported.

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Muhammadiyah chairman Din Syamsudin said here on Tuesday in two days’ time he would send a medical team consisting of six surgeons to the Gaza Strip in Palestine in addition to medical and logistics supplies.

“Islamic organizations have to take concrete actions and not only make statements. Muhammadiyah will send six surgeons taken from a number of hospitals run by the organization as well as other forms of aid such as medicines, food, clothes and blankets to Palestine in two days’ time,” he told newsmen after a meeting with leaders of Islamic organizations.

He said Muhammadiyah would send aid to Palestine continuously. He said after the first team had finished its assignment of one to two months, another team would take over the mission. He hoped the team and other aid would be able to enter Gaza.

“We have 170 hospitals and 500 health institutions that can play a role or help with regard to conflicts or international problems,” he said.