Aussie media stumbles on India’s diet chart


Sydney : It is unclear whether the Australian media stumbled upon an old diet chart given to every Indian player or if it is something new. But it seems as if India has come up with a secret plan to end Australia’s dominance by telling its players to follow a new fat-busting diet to snap their lethargy.

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In a plan that would make diet queen Jenny Craig proud, players were told, in the lead to Wednesday’s second Test at the Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG) to avoid foods such as ice cream, chocolate and red meat and limit the number of cups of tea and coffee they drink.

After the 337-run loss in Melbourne when many players were criticised for being lazy and slow, Indian team management devised a two-page diet chart called: “Daily Eating Guidelines for Players”.

It states: “On match days, be careful of over-consumption when not participating.”

Players have been told to keep their hands off traditional Indian sweets, mayonnaise, deep-fried food, dishes with visible fat or oil and creamy sauces.

They have also been advised to avoid fizzy drinks because “water is still better”.

But in a bid to keep their pampered superstars happy, players have been allowed “one free day per week where you can eat whatever you want”.

The diet was hatched by trainer Greg King and physiotherapist John Gloster after India was clearly smashed in the field by Australia at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG).

India’s batsmen were criticised in Melbourne for struggling to put pressure on the field when running between the wickets. Too often they were content just to take a single, rather than striving for a second run.