Narendra Modi’s victory in Gujarat

Dear Sir

The reason for Modi’s victory (widely covered by Indian and international media) is following and simple as apprehended in my letter (dated October 30, 2007) published in international print media, some paragraphs of which are reproduced below:-

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“[This refers to Thursday ”Tehelka’ expose on Indian T.V. channels, which was also reproduced next day in prominent print media, exposing State sponsored gory massacre of thousands of innocent Muslims in Gujarat 2002 pogrom.

Here it was revealed on electronic media by open admission and bragging by perpetrators of these crimes that how one of them ripped open the abdomen of pregnant Muslim women by sword and threw the embryo in fire, how various limbs of ex–Member of Parliament (a Muslim) were cut to pieces, how bombs and rockets were made in the factory of an MLA to be used against Muslims, how Chief Minister, Ministers, MLAs and others authorised Muslim massacre to Sangh Parivar and instructed Government advocates to influence judicial proceedings in order to let these murderers free and so on and on.

These Muslim leaders and others sympathizers of Muslim victims of 2002 Gujarat pogrom do not seem to realize that when perpetrators of such heinous crimes are allowed, to remain free, by law then it creates greater fear and panic in the minds of the public. This ensures the victory of such accused in elections as happened in 2002 where Narendra Modi won election handsomely in Gujarat after this State sponsored massacre of Muslims and where Modi went to even Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chhatisgarh etc for election campaign where BJP won election precisely on the plank of such aggressive Hindutva. And when these perpetrators of such heinous crime thus come to power then they further demoralize the public and victims by misusing the State apparatus.

If SCI (Supreme Court of India) does not get Chief Minister Narendra Modi, Minister Jhadafia, MLA Haresh Bhatt, Police Commissioner Pandey, VHP & Bajrang dal activists Rajendra Vyas, Babu Bajrangi, Govt advocate Arvind Pandya etc. arrested immediately. Then all the people who are shedding crocodile tears over this Tehelka exposure can as well expect Narendra Modi again occupying the seat of Chief minister with resounding victory in coming Gujarat elections, for the simple reason that this time Modi will be taken by the voters in still greater awe, hence greater electoral support, especially after this Tehelka exposure]”.

As for 11 less seats in 2007 for Modi, it is simply due to the fact that 2002 elections were contested by Modi with his party BJP at center where as 2007 elections were contested with Congress at the center.

The main reason for Modi’s victory in 2007 is that Congress under the leadership of Sonia Gandhi contested these Gujarat elections on single issue that Modi is responsible for massacre of thousands of innocent Muslims in 2002 Gujarat pogrom. But despite being in power at center since early 2004 and despite said ‘Tehelka’ exposure and despite Modi’s own statement approving fake encounter of Sohrabuddin, Sonia Gandhi could not get Modi in jail for his alleged heinous crimes. Therefore people again voted Modi to office in 2007 elections also.

Therefore, Modi’s victory is not due to the success of Modi but it is mainly due to the failure of Congress led by Sonia and of other so called secular political parties who simply failed to get Modi booked by law even after the lapse of 5 years of heinous crimes committed by Modi as alleged by these champions of secularism.

Yours truly

Hem Raj Jain

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