Nadwa, Deoband urged to launch Islamic TV channel

By staff reporter,

Kairana (Uttar Pradesh): A mixed gathering of intellectuals and Ulema here yesterday have urged two leading Islamic seminaries in the country to consider launching an Islamic TV channel through which attack on Islam be countered.

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Supporting the launch of such a channel, social activist Haji Sharafat Ali said some other religious communities including Hindus have already established their religious channels in regional languages. These channels have helped them learn about their religion. Although they are not taught religion in government schools, they have learnt their religion quite adequately, thanks to these channels, he said. Saying that all this is the wonder of electronic media, he suggested that Nadwatul Ulema and Darul Uloom Deoband should take initiative to launch an Islamic TV channel.

“By launching their own TV channel, Muslims should counter the attack on Islam”, said Dr. Zahid Sha’oor, a well-known litterateur and intellectual, while reacting to the news suggesting that Darul Uloom Deoband should launch such a channel.

Maulana Gulzar Qasimi said the religious and Milli organizations in the country should jointly launch an Islamic channel under the leadership of Darul Uloom Deoband that should be expanded to cover all national languages. He said even today, TV is present in most of our religious madrasas in the form of computer. He stressed that we will have to stake our control over electronic media in order to retort to anti-Islam forces.

Qari Mustaqeem and Hafiz Abdul Hakim Madani said mass communication is the only means in present times through which we can spread the message of the religion of Islam in all corners of the world. They said there couldn’t be any other method better than this one for preaching Islam.