Obama lauds South Asians’ support in his campaign


New York : Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama has thanked South Asians for supporting his campaign and stressed that they played a big role in enabling the US to “overcome the politics of division and distraction”.

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In a letter to South Asians for Obama (SAFO), a voluntary organisation, he wrote: “I truly can’t thank you enough for doing your part and for helping us get this far.”

SAFO, Obama said, “has been an enormous help to our constituency outreach efforts across the country”.

The organisation is led by national coordinator Hrishi Karthikeyan, Dave Kumar, Anhoni Patel and Nicholas Rathod.

Obama then went on to recognise the “outstanding work” of SAFO’s regional coordinators from several places like Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, San Fransisco and Washington DC.

“Together, we are sending the message that ordinary people can still do extraordinary things. We are doing something extraordinary, and you are an important part of that,” Obama said.

“It is because of you, we saw that it is possible to overcome the politics of division and distraction and it is possible to overcome the same old negative attacks that are always about scoring points and never about solving problems.

“We have seen that the American people are looking for honest answers about the challenges we face. That’s what you’ve accomplished in this campaign, and that’s how we’ll change this country together,” he added in the letter released by SAFO on its website.