Talks resume next week in Geneva: Iran’s negotiator


Tehran : Iran’s chief nuclear negotiator Saeed Jalili said talks between Iran and Europe in the framework of group 6+1 will resume next week in Geneva.

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After several hours of talks with EU Foreign Policy Chief Javier Solana in Geneva, Jalili told reporters on Saturday, “Concerning continuation of negotiation they presented a “non paper”, and we also presented our “non paper”.

The two have common points although there are some differences in the viewpoints, too, Jalili said.

Iran’s chief negotiator said, “We will continue our talks on common points and differences.”

Jalili added, “We entered into negotiation with a positive approach and we presented our proposal package upon our joint concerns.”

“We believe that for common concerns we need common cooperation upon collective obligations,” Jalili continued.

Iran has very good potentials today and is a model for its democracy in the region and plays an important role in the region’s security, peace and stability, said Jalili Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council added, “By presenting our proposal package we offer such good potentials for a constructive cooperation in direction of peace, stability, security and democracy, indeed.”

“We believe many of existing problems and crises can be solved through 6+1 model than 7-1 model,” Jalili added.

Iran’s chief negotiator said, “Our approach is strategic and long term, not tactical and short term.”

Supreme leader representative in the SNSC said, “We believe cooperation for peace, stability, security and democracy are among issues which can bring useful results for everybody.”