Nagpur teacher sets memory record


Nagpur : A former school teacher, Jolly Dintis, has created a national record by memorizing and recalling names of 407 objects serially, randomly and in reverse order in two hours, ten minutes and thirty six seconds.

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Recognising her feat, performed before a panel of observers and distinguished audience in July 29 last year, the Limca Book of Records has entered her name in its 2008 edition as a national record and awarded her certificate to that effect.

Announcing the Limca book recognition at a press conference here Saturday, Jolly’s husband Dintis Thomas told reporters that his wife would like to train young students and professionals in the pneumatics technique besides striving to achieve the world record.

Names of 407 objects were read out to a blind-folded Jolly by the members of audience after which she recalled them all with 100 percent accuracy in 24 minutes and 32 seconds but in her second attempt. In her first attempt, she had missed out eight names in serial recall and four in reverse.

At the press conference, Jolly gave an extempore demonstration of recalling fifty two-digit numbers in serial and reverse order.

The previous record holders in the Limca book are Pawan Kumar Srivastava of Jaunpur who memorized and recalled 400 objects (June 5, 2007) and Srikrishna Teja Gaajula of Hyderabad of memorizing and recalling 333 objects (June 11 2006).

An average student in school and college, Jolly learnt the technique of memorising things at a three-day workshop held in the city by Bishwarup Roychoudhary of Delhi in 2005 and mastered it over the next two years.

So impressed was Roychoudhary by Jolly that he started inviting her at his seminars and workshops all over the country for demonstrating her prowess – a practice that has continued till date.

“Quite a few memory wizards trained under Roychoudhary have created world records in different categories,” Jolly told IANS.

Mahavir Jain of Lucknow holds a special category record called Neuro Linguistic Programme consisting of memorizing the entire Oxford dictionary, she said.

Rajesh Thakker created a record of memorizing tables up to 100,000 only to be broken a couple of months later by his wife – both the records have entered the Limca Book. Another world record entered in the book last year is that of memorising logs and anti-logs by Ravi Shankar.

Jolly also told IANS about five-year old Srijan Shukla of Lucknow who can recite the entire Madhushala of Harivansh Rai Bachchan and knows by heart, all the Class 10 formulae in physics, chemistry and mathematics.

Incidentally, Jolly’s eight-year-old son Dijoy can quickly tell the name of any world capital and state capital in India besides telling the names of elements in the periodic table. Dijoy too gave a performance at the press conference.