Youth can play important role to promote Pak-Turkish relations: Turkish Envoy


Islamabad : Youth and especially the young students both from Pakistan and Turkey can play important and vital role in further promoting the traditional, brotherly and strong relations between the two countries, said Turkish envoy to Pakistan Engin Soysal.

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Addressing over 100 Pakistani youth and students here at a reception hosted by him at the Turkish embassy on Thursday, he said, the relationship between the two countries are very old and based on common traditions, culture and heritage that could be further promoted and strengthened through exchange of delegations.

Turkish food, documentary film on recent developments in Turkey and centuries old traditions, trade and business activities and highlights of strong and brotherly relations between the two countries were the focal points of the event hosted by Turkish Embassy for the cultural exchange programme for 101 Pakistani youth at the embassy to further promote bilateral relations.

The cultural exchange programme was organized in cooperation with Ministry of Youth Affairs of Pakistan and young people from various universities and colleges across the country participated in the programme. Representatives of youth from Bannu, Quetta, Islamabad, D.I. Khan, Faisalabad, Jamshoro, Peshawar, Rawalpindi, Karachi, Bahawalpur and Khuzdar attended the function.

Turkish ambassador Engin Soysal talking about common heritage and culture said both Pakistan and Turkey have proud to have the leadership of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Mustafa Kamal Atatruk for guiding the two countries.

The ambassador said, “Two countries have deep rooted and strong relations and no one can question these relations.”

He said exchange of delegations especially of youth and students could further enhance and strengthen these ties.

The Turkish ambassador said Turkey has established and protected the real virtues like Pakistan and always stood up to the challenges in this regard.

The ambassador said Turkish people and NGOs played an important role in help Pakistani community after October 2005 earthquake and some of them still working in the affected areas to revive educational and health facilities for the victims.

He said the aim of the function was to promote Turkish culture, further enhancing the brotherly ties between the two countries and carrying the unique nature of the relations to the next generations.

The ambassador said, “Pakistan is second home for Turkish people and they feel at home here where ever they go.” The people of Pakistan have great love and affection for the Turkish people, he added.

Wife of Turkish ambassador Madame Tullay Soysal, who is a pianist, performed a mini concert during the programme.

Federal Secretary Youth Affairs Ashfaq addressing on the occasion said Pakistan and Turkey have very strong brotherly relations based on common culture, tradition and customs.

He said there will be more exchange of visits of youth and business community to strengthen the bilateral relations.

Commercial Counsel of Turkish embassy while giving an overview of Turkish economic activities said out of $100 billion trade of Turkey Pakistan has just less than one billion dollar which could be increased many fold with more cooperation in different fields.

He said due to investment friendly policies adopted by the Turkish government there has been tremendous increase in the economic activities and Pakistan could get full benefit from this development.

Turkish teacher, Dr. Durmus Bulgur, who is head of Turkish language at National University of Modern Languages said Pakistan and Turkey have also strong bonds due to Urdu language.

Engin Turesin, incharge Education Section at Turkish embassy explained the aspects of educational facilities in Turkey for the Pakistani students.