U.S. roadmap monitor holds talks with Israeli, Palestinian teams

By Xinhua

Jerusalem : Israeli, Palestinian representatives and a U.S.-appointed roadmap monitor meet in Jerusalem on Friday, local newspaper The Jerusalem Post reported.

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Lt. Gen. William Fraser, the U.S. envoy to oversee the implementation of the roadmap peace plan, convened the meeting with Palestinian acting Prime Minister Salam Fayyad and Israel’s representative Amos Gilad, a senior official from Defense Ministry, at King David Hotel in Jerusalem.

It was the first time for Fraser to meet both Israeli and Palestinian teams and the meeting was also the first time the two sides have met since Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas suspended negotiations with Israel in the wake of escalation in the Gaza Strip two weeks ago.

During the meeting, Fraser is expected to touch on an recent upsurge in violence on the ground between Israel and the Palestinians, the report said.

The violence continued Friday morning, as Palestinian militants launching another four rockets from Gaza into Israel, causing no casualties.

Meanwhile, Fraser will not make public the report on compliance with the roadmap obligations he is expected to present at the trilateral meeting, the report said, citing diplomatic sources.

But the U.S. envoy is due to present his report to each side and then pass it, including both parties’ responses to it, to U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, who in turn will decide how to proceed further.

Rice appointed Fraser as the road map monitor after the Annapolis Conference in November, and he has since visited the region a number of times.