Delhi court to decide child’s fate Monday


New Delhi : A court will Monday decide on the fate of a one-year-old boy separated from his parents, who had given him to a caregiver woman.

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Metropolitan Magistrate Naveen Arora Friday issued a search warrant for the child and directed Delhi Police to produce him before it Monday after the woman refused to give him back to the parents.

The court passed this order after the parents, Sushil and Pallavi, sought custody of their child from the woman, Asha.

The two had got married secretly in February 2006 when they both were minors. The boy was born Sep 24, 2007 at the Safdarjung Hospital here and was immediately handed over to Asha, whom they had met through a common friend, as the couple wanted to avoid uncomfortable questions from relatives.

On reaching the legal age of marriage, Pallavi and Sushil formally married Nov 22, 2007.

“Soon after their marriage, the couple approached Asha to return the child but she continued to make lame excuses on one pretext or the other and did not return the child to them despite repeated requests,” Pallavi’s lawyer Kamal Singh Pundhir told IANS.

“Sushil gave Rs.10,000 to Asha but she refused to hand over the baby to him until he made the remaining payment of Rs.8,000. But when on May 14, Sushil went to her home with the money, she refused to give the child and challenged him to take whatever action he wants to against her,” added Pundhir.

They approached the police but in vain. The couple then decided to move the court against Asha.