West’s treatment with critics of Holocaust is shameful


Tehran : According to the experiences of the last three thousand years, these kinds of unpleasant acts will lead to further reactions of people against arrogant domineers and tyrannizes.

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Today ” Fredrick Toeben” who is Australian, would be arrested in London Airport and imprisoned for expressing his views about Holocaust. So what would be the next reaction of liberal Europeans who are against domination of America( U.S) and Israel?

Is it possible to construct prisons worse than Guantanamo in all over Europe for capturing those who are against domination of Israel and US?

Is it possible to continue the political serial-killings and massacre against opponents of American, Israeli and British domination? Particularly after brutal assassination of ” Uwe Barschel” (prime minister of the province of Schleswig Holestain), Petra Kely and General Gerd Bastain( founder of Green Party of Germany), Edwardo Aniely( Muslim martyr intellectual and son of Italian capitalist), David Kely (senior expert in the Ministry of War in UK) and recently Juerg Heider( the national politician elected by the people of Austria).

The silence of press vis-a-vis the imprisonment of significant European scholars and intellectuals who are indeed trying to find the facts such as; Toeben, Stols, Hornsik, Rudolf, Forehlich, Zuendel and conviction of Garaudy, Faurisson, Verbeke and Reynouard and others, have made all the knowledgeable people worried regarding the continuation of these cruel acts.

The question is, if the European intellectuals are arrested and condemned only for expressing their ideas and thoughts, then what would be the conduct of European citizens in the future?

Don’t you think that as a result of these suppression, severe punishment, despotism, oppression and assassination, there will be uprising and broad-based violations?

“The World Foundation on Reviewing Holocaust” while expressing its concern vis-a-vis all these events, recommends all the states, parliaments and judicial powers of European countries to make their best efforts in order to preserve” the main European values after medieval ages” which are; ” freedom of expression” and ” freedom of thoughts” and “respect for human rights” and ” democracy.” They should not sacrifice their valuable ideas only for ill-intended and unreasonable demands of the Zionists.

The World Foundation requests all the politicians, judges, writers, intellectuals and European press to support the independent researchers and critics who follow the dossier of Holocaust, vis-a-vis the accusations of the Zionists and their followers and to help the “International Fact Finding Committee” to find the truth.