A weak govt. at centre is favorable for Muslims


Lucknow: Shahi Imam of the historic Jama Masjid of Delhi Maulana Syed Ahmad Bukhari has expressed the view that a weak government at the Centre is always in the best of interests of the Muslims. “Do not make any government so powerful that it can rule for the next five years continuously on its own completely because weak governments are in the best interests of the Muslims and other weaker sections of the society.”

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“These parties boast a dubious distinction that whenever they have formed government with the Muslim support they have exploited the Muslims. They have always kept the Muslims as a deprived section of the society. Unemployment and socio-economic and educational backwardness is rampant among the Muslims. These parties have given the Muslims nothing but the tag of terrorism and the resultant atrocities by the government, police and intelligence agencies” stated Maulana Syed Ahmad Bukhari.

“The demolisher of Babri Mosque and the so-called savior of Babri Mosque should not come together and if they do come together then Muslims cannot rally behind them” said Maulana Syed Ahmad Bukhari. He further added that two phases of elections are over but the Muslims have not shown any enthusiasm or inclination towards a particular party. “This shows that the Muslims are fed up of the mainstream political parties. This is the point wherefrom Muslims have a window of opportunity to form their own political outfit” stressed Maulana Syed Ahmad Bukhari.

“I stand firmly on my claim that the only solution of problems of Muslims lies in the philosophy of ‘our power, our leadership, and our politics. Therefore, I strongly feel that based on these principles Muslims must form a political party of their own and we shall constantly struggle in this direction and also we would extend our full support to those who are already working in this direction” said Shahi Imam.

“Since independence the Congress not only nurtured the communalism but also encouraged communal forces at every step and the party which is responsible for the social, economical and educational backwardness of the Muslims that is Congress” alleged Shahi Imam.

He grudged that the Muslim population in Uttar Pradesh is about twenty per cent but none of the mainstream national parties bothered to give tickets proportionate to the population.

“This is a reality and a harsh experiences of the past that all of these parties need the Muslim votes to come in power but once they are in power they have nothing to offer to the Muslims but for false promises” said Maulana Bukhari.