Why not use gods of sports to bowl out communalism

By M. Zajam, TwoCircles.net,

In India communalism is still not considered a major problem and effective strategy is not in place to tackle this menace. Intellectuals and politicians do talk about it whenever some unfortunate incidents happen but a concrete plan is not followed to handle it on the long term basis.

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We always look westward for new ideas. To fight communalism and root it out we should also learn few steps from them. Europe acknowledged the problem of racism long back and took initiative to resolve this. Their approach was not just limited to few legislation but they took battle to ground.

They used most popular sports to fight this evil. They employed the popularity of high-profile footballers and managers, such as Thierry Henry, Derek Ferguson, Mustapha Hadji and Sir Bobby Robson to educate youth about the detrimental effects of racism.

In India there are hardly any initiatives in line with European effort. Government and Sports body should come forward with such initiative to fight communalism. Imagine the effect it will have on Indians specially youths when Dhoni says, Hit communalism for a Six.

Every body agrees that cricket is a religion in India. When India plays, millions of fans unite in supporting and praying for its success. In India influential sports body like BCCI is probably more interested in finding new ways of earning money than taking up some social responsibility.

Commercial advertisers pay billions to rope in these stars to say few words about their products. No doubt their words carry weight otherwise they would not have paid in billions.

Either government or social organisation should take lead and bring these stars together to give powerful blow to communalism. I am convinced they will be more than happy to work for national cause.

Imagine every one hitting Communalism for a Six, it will be surely out of India.