Muslim scholars support India’s fight against terror


Mumbai: Religious scholars and political experts from several Muslim and Arab countries Sunday endorsed India’s fight against terrorism as they participated in a seminar held at the Taj hotel, the scene of last year’s brutal terror attacks.

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“The world has seen terrorism in various forms at different places, which emanated from various quarters. Terrorism has to be dealt with in the most strictest manner. It has no place in Islam and the world,” Mohammed Shahumi, advisor to Libyan leader Col Muammar Gaddafi, told the audience that terrorism cannot be tolerated.

He was addressing the seminar on ‘Unity, Love & Tolerance’, organised by Sahyog Cultural Society and Fatimi International Organisation.

This is the second year in succession that Shahumi addressed the seminar, which coincided with the birth anniversary of Sayyada Fatima Zahra, the daughter of Prophet Mohammed. The first edition of the meet last year was also held at the same venue.

“We totally stand by India in its efforts to combat terrorism,” he told participatns who came from around the globe.

Abdullah Hafizi, general secretary of Morocco-based Al Adarisa International Association, said: “Prophet Mohammed came in this world for peace, and Islam in no way teaches terrorism.”

According to Sami Bubere, president of Sahyog Cultural Society: “In the holy Quran, god teaches Muslims never to become terrorists in the first place. Two of the very first verses of our Holy Book say: ‘Al-Fitnatu ashad-du minal qatl’ – meaning that in the sight of allah, ‘persecution, or making people constantly fear for their lives, is much worse than killing’. And also: ‘L’ ikr’ha fid-d’n’ – ‘There shall be no compulsion in religion’, that is to say, that no one has the right to force others into complying with their demands or compelling others to follow their line of thinking.”

Mohammed Refaat, president of Egypt’s Muhib Ahle Bait Association and general secretary of the Socialist Wifaaq Party, pointed out: “Allah almighty warns the believers again and again that they should never abandon Him, the source of all goodness. Allah almighty reminds us that it is those who have abandoned Him and thrown away all good, and divested themselves of every shred of human decency, that are the ones who will eventually resort to terrorising others, forcing them into complying with their demands. The believers are repeatedly reminded that they would lose allah almighty’s love and His favours if they ever began to behave in that way.”

Mustafa bin Yusuf of Morocco University said: “It is our belief that not only Islam, but no true religion, whatever its name, can sanction violence and bloodshed of innocent men, women and children in the name of allah almighty.

“Terrorists may use religious or political labels, but no one should be deceived by their wily ways and treacherous guiles. They have nothing to do with religion. They are the enemies of peace. They must be combated at every level as advocated by Islam, the religion of peace.”

Besides, there were other speakers from Britain, Belgium, Indonesia, Iraq, the UAE, and delegates from 50 Muslim countries at the seminar.

Hotel Taj Mahal Palace & Tower was one of the places attacked by the terroists on the night of Nov 26. More than 270 people were killed in the attack.