Popular Front to hold nationwide protest to demand punishment to Babri culprits

By TwoCircles.net News Desk,

New Delhi: The Popular Front of India has decided to organize nationwide protest campaign demanding the Central Government to punish the culprits responsible for the demolition of Babri Masjid.

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On 6th December, 1992 the anti-national communal forces had attacked the secular fabric of the country and insulted the values of democracy by demolishing the historical Babri Masjid. A series of communal riots followed throughout the country which affected the inter-religious trust, harmony and amity among the citizens of the country.

“The Liberhan Commission which was appointed for inquiry of Babri Majsid Demolition has completed its task after 17 years and submitted the reports to the Govt. The report concludes that the demolition was pre-planned. It is surprising that, though the Liberhan Commission has exposed the culprits, the Central Government has not taken any stringent legal action against the culprits. This kind of attitude and response from the Central Government is a betrayal, and a question to its secular commitments. Such an attitude has made the minorities of the country more insecure. The bigger insult to secularism and democracy is that the culprits are still enjoying their positions in the parliament,” PFI General Secretary K. M. Shareef said in a statement today.

The PFI campaign will include publics programme at district level, poster campaigns, Babri Masjid Documentary video distribution, protest rallies and Dharnas.