Labourer survives but critical after pierced by iron rod


Kolkata : The labourer, who was successfully operated by a team of doctors at a government-run city hospital Wednesday after being pierced by a three-foot-long iron rod, is critical, hospital authorities said Thursday.

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“The three-foot rod had pierced Sukumar Mondal’s neck, lungs, liver, intestine and stomach. Though a team of experts Wednesday evening successfully operated and removed the rod, his condition is critical as he has suffered multiple organ injuries,” NRS hospital’s deputy superintendent Sukanta Seal told IANS.

“This is one of the rarest cases where all major organs, except the heart, have been injured and that too so badly. Mondal is being given the best possible treatment, but we are uncertain about his recovery,” Seal said.

Mondal was working as a labourer at an under-construction building in Rajarhat town on the outskirts of Kolkata. He was working at the ground floor Wednesday afternoon, when a three foot rod slipped from the hands of another labourer working on the upper storey and pierced his neck, lungs and liver before getting stuck in the stomach.

Mondal was rushed to NRS hospital in north Kolkata, where a team of five doctors carried out a five-hour surgery on him in the evening.

On Jan 14, the right lung of 22-year-old Sheikh Rezzak Ali was pierced by a six-foot-long iron shaft in a road accident in West Bengal’s Hooghly district.

A seven-member medical specialist team performed a two-hour long critical surgery on Ali at the Calcutta Medical College and Hospital here to remove the shaft.

Ali was released from the hospital a few days back.

A similar accident took place in the national capital in July last year when an engineer, Supratim Dutta, was impaled by an iron beam that perforated seven of his organs. Dutta survived as the beam had narrowly missed his heart, but needed a series of complicated surgeries.