German Jewish peace activist: Israel headed for self-destruction

Berlin, Jan 17, IRNA – A leading German Jewish peace activist said Friday Israel was destined for self-destruction as a result of its brutal military actions against Palestinians.

Talking to IRNA, the vice-chairwoman of a group called ‘European Jews for a Just Peace’, Petra Mendelsohn urged Germany to press Israel to change its policies.
“We should clearly tell them (Israelis) that what they are doing will lead to their self-destruction.”

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She also called on Berlin to abandon its biased support of Israel in the conflict.
“It is imperative for the German government to change its stance on the (Gaza) conflict …,” Mendelsohn added.

She slammed Germany for its “precautionary obedience” towards the Israeli state.
Although Germany is confronted with sheer endless guilt over the Nazi genocide of Jews, this country should still have a “critical stance towards Israel,” Mendelsohn said.

Mendelsohn pointed out that a growing number of German Jews opposed Israeli policies.

More and more German Jews have adopted a similar position to what my group is standing for, the anti-Israel critic said.

Mendelsohn stressed Hamas had the right to resist Israeli occupation. “Launching rockets towards Israel is the only possibility to resist because Hamas has no tanks and planes. The Palestinians are essentially locked up in a large prison.”

Mendelsohn has not visited Israel since 1999 because of her continued opposition towards the Israeli state.