Greeks call for withdrawal of Israeli forces from Gaza

Athens, Jan 18, IRNA – Greeks by holding demonstration against the Zionist regime crimes in Gaza called for withdrawal of Israeli forces from the area.
Protestors on Saturday afternoon by shouting slogans against the US and the Zionist regime gathered in a square in Athens downtown and then started a rally toward the US embassy. They called the US government partner of the Israeli barbaric acts and asked for stopping support for the Zionist regime.

The demonstrators were carrying banners saying; “ Hands off Palestine,” “ Freedom for Palestine.” “ Israel get out from Gaza, “ “ We condemn Israelis crimes,” “ We ask international bodies to break their silence and force the Zionist regime to stop its attacks against Gaza residents.”

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The protestors marched toward Israeli embassy and burned Israeli flag in protest of declaring their hatred for killing defenseless women and kids as well as civilians in Gaza.

Greece security forces were stationed in the whole area and were watching closely the demonstration move.

Media of the country reported the same demonstrations in other Greek cities.
Since the beginning of the Israelis’ attacks against people of Gaza, the Greeks have held several demonstration to condemn the criminal acts of the Zionist regime.