Popular Front demands tabling of Liberhan, Misra reports in Parliament

By TwoCircles.net News Desk,

New Delhi: Popular Front of India has demanded the Central Government to table both the Liberhan Commission and Ranganath Misra commission reports in the Parliament. If the government failed to do so, the group has warned of nationwide agitations.

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PFI chairman E. M. Abdul Rahiman in a statement demanded the Central Government to table the Liberhan Commission report in the forthcoming session of the parliament. “The fact that it took 17 years to submit the report for the Libarhan Commission which was appointed to probe the destruction of Babri Masjid on 2 December 1992 has no parallel in this country. There are reasons to believe that the report was delayed after the completion of hearings for another 4 years due to external compulsions,” he said.

The appointments of Enquiry Commissions happen to be exercise aimed to overcome the public reaction immediately after an incident. It is the duty of the government to take action on the recommendations of an enquiry commission. The central and state governments deliberately neglect the recommendations of enquiry commissions. This is the position of various findings of commissions including the Sri Krishna Commission which has probed Mumbai riots happened immediately after the Babri Masjid demolition, he averred.

The fate of commission reports that provide justice to Muslims is really vulnerable. The Misra Commission report containing specific recommendations for reservation to Muslims was received by the Prime Minister Sri Manmohan Singh during his previous tenure. In spite of pressure from different quarters the government preferred to ignore it. It was neither tabled in the parliament nor any action taken on it. If it is the same fate awaiting the Liberhan Commission, the erosion of faith in the governance of the country among minorities will deepen to an irreparable level.

E. M. Abdul Rahiman stated that PFI will lead country wide agitation of minorities and backward classes, if the Central Government fails to table both Liberhan Commission and Misra Commission reports along with details of the actions taken in the forthcoming session of the parliament.