Indian Muslims protest against Talibani terrorism

By news desk,

New Delhi: Murder of Mufti Sarfarza Naeemi in Pakistan by terrorists has prompted some Muslim organizations to organize a protest at Jantar Mantar yesterday.

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The protest was jointly organized by Raza Academy, Muslim Students Organization (MSO), and Islamic Educationa Board of India. These organizations that represent Barelvi Muslims said that they are protesting the continuous and targeted killing of Sunni (Barlevi) scholars by extremist elements in Pakistan. The latest in the series is the killing of India born Mufti Sarfarz Naeemi of Jamia Naeemia in Lahore.

In a statement issued today, they said that they refuse to recognize Taliban and its associates and condemn their inhuman and un-Islamic acts. The statement declared the Talibans as terrorists and thugs.

They also demanded the Pakistani government to punish the culprits involved in killings of Sufi Shaikhs and provide adequate security to Barelvi scholars, dargaahs, khankahs and masaajid.

They also promised to promote Sufi version of Islam which promotes love and harmony between communities to defeat extremism.

Exhortation in the name of ‘jaziya’ was condemned and Taliban declared a danger to India as well. The statement demanded adequate protection at Ajmer for the annual Ajmer Sharif urs due later this month.

[Photo credit: Manorama Online]