A women’s only car rally held in Punjab


Mohali (Punjab) : Nearly 30 women racing enthusiasts participated in a 80-km car rally here Sunday to commemorate the International World Women’s Day.

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“This is for the second time that I am participating in this event. For me it is the best way to celebrate the Women’s Day and also an easy way to get a break from our mundane routine,” Gurveen Kaur, a lawyer, told IANS before the start of the rally.

“I have participated in many adventure sports in my life but this is the first time that I am participating in a car rally. It is something new for us and gives us a feeling that women are equal to their male counterparts in every respect,” said Supreet Dhiman, president of the Chandigarh Adventure Treks and Sports (CATS) club.

J.D. Ghai, president of SantaBanta.com which is the main organiser of the event, said: “It is our endeavour to provide the city’s fairer sex a chance to showcase their expertise in a previously male dominated sport and at the same time to celebrate and promote the empowerment of women.”

The rally, which started from Mohali, will end at Barog in Himachal Pradesh.

“Today women are driving buses, trains and taxis and even manning dance floors in various clubs. This is a testimony that we can handle pressure and difficult situations and are not confined to only soft works,” said Anjali, a participant.

Arpita Mehta, a homemaker and a mother of three, said: “It feels ecstatic to participate in a car rally solely meant for women. This is my third time at the rally and this time I am sure of winning it.”