Scarlett murder: CBI has queries for mother Fiona


Panaji : The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has a string of queries for Fiona MacKeown, the mother of British teenager Scarlett Keeling who died here under mysterious circumstances a year ago. But a Goa court has refused to permit these to be forwarded.

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Topping the list of 30 questions addressed to MacKeown and another witness, Charles Carter, is one about the alleged role of Goa Home Minister Ravi Naik and his controversy-prone son Roy in the incident.

The questionnaire, a copy of which is available with IANS, was attached to an application seeking a letter rogatory or letter of request the CBI says is essential so that judicial authorities in Britain can record the statements of MacKeown and Carter, both of whom are based in that country, on the basis of the questions framed by the central agency.

However, the Goa Children’s Court on Friday rejected the CBI request, saying: “It is not a fit case… to issue the letter (rogatory).”

The first query reads: “It had appeared in a section of the media that you suspected Ravi Naik/Roy Naik was the cause of Scarlett’s death. Why do you believe that?”

“You suspected some higher-ups in Goa to be responsible/involved in the death of Scarlett. Why?” reads another question addressed to MacKeown, who had earlier alleged that the Goa Police and the senior Naik were involved in a drug cartel that was responsible for Scarlett’s murder.

Naik has dubbed the allegations baseless and had threatened to prevent MacKeown from entering Goa.

The questionnaire sought to know from the mother if she thought Scarlett’s Goan lover Julio Lobo had murdered her daughter.

“Do you suspect Julio Lobo for the murder of Scarlett? If yes, why?” the CBI asked.

The questionnaire has also sought MacKeown’s impression of Lobo.

“What was your impression about him (Julio)? How was his relation with Scarlett? How did you and Scarlett come in contact with Julio?” is another question.

After the investigation by the Goa Police came under a cloud, the CBI was entrusted with the task of probing the murder of the 15-year-old Scarlett at Anjuna beach.