Suspended Kerala bishop in trouble again


Pathanamthitta, (Kerala) : Bishop John Thattumkal of Kerala is in a fresh trouble. He has been found staying with the woman he had adopted as a daughter last year, which led to his suspension by the Vatican.

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The woman, Sony Joseph, in her mid 30s, resides with her guardian C.K. Joseph, a priest of the Thumpamon diocese of the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church based here. C.K. Joseph has also been stripped of all parish duties because of his association with the woman.

The media were keeping a watch on Joseph’s house after reports emerged that Thattumkal was residing there.

Sunday evening people gathered and raised a hue and cry after which the police intervened to defuse the situation.

The police after talks with the bishop allowed journalists to enter the house.

Thattumkal told the media that he had been at the home for some days because he had no other place to go. He said he had the permission of his church to live in the house and would be leaving for Rome in a week.

However, an official of the Latin Catholic Church told IANS that the church had not given him any permission to stay in the home where the woman was living.

“What he says is absolutely not true. He is a person who is under suspension and these are all issues that would be looked into by the inquiry team. And if this is the way he behaves then it is very difficult for him to be reinstated,” said the priest, who did not wish to be identified.

The Vatican has also initiated a three member committee of bishops to conduct an inquiry. Consequent to his suspension Oct 23 last year, Thattumkal has been stripped of all powers of a bishop.