Philippines celebrates Pacquiao’s victory over Hatton


Manila : The Philippines erupted in euphoria Sunday as Filipino boxing icon Manny Pacquiao knocked out Britain’s Ricky Hatton in the second round, making history as one of the world’s greatest fighters in the ring.

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With the win, Pacquiao matched a boxing record of holding titles in six different weight divisions.

Millions of Filipinos who packed cinemas, restaurants and public gymnasiums to watch the fight cheered and shouted when Pacquiao sent Hatton flat on his back with a left hook in the second round.

“Manny, you’re the greatest,” shouted one man watching the fight in a restaurant in Manila’s Quezon City.

“That was an overwhelming performance we just saw,” his companion added. “Ricky Hatton never had a chance!”

In the first round, Hatton kissed the canvass twice after being pummelled by Pacquiao’s left and right hooks.

President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, who was on a visit to Cairo, Egypt, hailed the win as another great victory for Pacquiao.

“The president joins the entire nation in jubilation and in thanking God for the spectacular victory of Manny Pacquiao over Ricky Hatton,” press secretary Cerge Remonde said.

“May his victory inspire all of us to triumph against all odds,” he added. “May his example of continuing to learn and improve be emulated by our people, especially the young.”

Remonde, who was with Arroyo in the trip, said that while the president was not able to watch the fight, she and the delegation broke into cheers when they got the news.