Anil Ambani firm enters media outsourcing business


Mumbai : Adlabs Films, a cinema and entertainment services company in the Reliance Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group, Thursday announced its entry into the outsourcing industry for the media space with plans to employ 1,200 people within a year.

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The new venture will primarily focus on two segments, digital restoration and content processing, as per the norms of Motion Pictures Association of America, and proposes to work out of 90,000 sq ft of space here. Some 300 employees are already on its rolls.

The group already has secured orders for 1,000 films preserved by the Pune-based National Film Archives of India and will help the valuable footage to migrate from analogue to digital and from physical to digital media, the company said.

“Globalisation of media services is well underway,” said Adlabs chief executive Anil Arjun. “Coupled with the optical fibre network, the comprehensive services of media outsourcing enable a distinctive and complete offering to Adlabs’ worldwide clients.”

Over the past four months Adlabs has been transmitting several films over its optic fibre network to distribute films in the US. This opens the gate for similar services in India for global clients.

“The fibre backbone also means greater encrypted security, more flexibility, time savings and price advantages,” the company said.

Adlabs also has one of India’s largest chain of cinemas with 430 screens spread not just across the country but also in Malaysia and the US. It also has a major presence in film distribution space with offices in London, New York, Los Angeles and Kuala Lumpur.