Summer camp held in Mumbai to teach English medium students basics of Islam

By Abdul Hameed,,

Mumbai: A four-day summer camp was held in Mumbai by Markazul Ma’arif Education & Research Centre to teach basics of Islam to the students who study in English medium schools and have no opportunity for religious education. The four-day Moral Inculcating Summer Camp (MISC) came to an end on Sunday.

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‘We have been arranging MISC for seven years in Mumbai to instigate a thirst among the English medium school students towards learning at least the basic teachings of Islam. We want to change the common prevailing notion about education being only a means for material benefits. We want to give it a different direction. Our aim of education should be the service of humanity and thereby deserving the everlasting success in the Life Hereafter,’ said Maulana Ateequr Rahman Qasmi, co-coordinator of the camp.

All the 63 students, who participated in the camp, were given prizes as per their performance in the Group Games, Individual Games, Tests and some other activities.

In the camp, the students are taught Islamic etiquettes and practices in day-to-day life and basic articles of Faith. The prominent Islamic scholars show them practically the way to do Wazu, offer prayers and lead Janazah prayer and Eid prayer etc.

‘I think four days are not enough for this. I was searching for any month-long camp where my son might learn Islamic teachings instead of wasting time during the Summer Vacation,’ said parent Naushad Khan, whose son attended this summer camp for four days.

Maulana Shahid Qasmi while emphasizing that parents should give good tarbiyat to their children said, ‘Islam from the very day a child is born asks the parents to give it tarbiyat. It is sunnat in Islam that parents should call azan in the right ear of the baby and the iqamat in the left ear. Likewise, Islam guides at every step. It is the duty of parents to provide right tarbiyat to their children.’